1/ By submitting the registration form you agree with the below mentioned GENERAL CONDITIONS:

- You are attending the event at your own risk. The organiser does not take any responsibility for your injuries or health damages that might happen during or after the event.

- The organiser does not take any responsibility for your belongings.

- You agree with prices mentioned on this web page

- If you are under age 18 written confirmation of your participation from your parents is required

- You have to wear clean indoor shoes for both classes and parties.

- You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the party venue. There is bar available during the parties.

- You are not allowed to record videos or take photos during the classes unless the teachers permit it. Even with their permission these videos are only meant to be for your personal purposes. So no public share please.

- You agree to be captured on the photos and videos we will do to document the event. If you do not like to appear on those materials please let us know and avoid the cameras (if possible). 

- If you make any photos and/ or videos at the parties where other people appear please consider to ask for their permit.

2/ By submitting the registration form you also agree with the below Covid-19 CONDITIONS:

- We reserve the right to cancel the event if the Covid-19 situation changes and new government rules will be applied to events like ours.

- All participants will provide the confirmation of negative test for Covid-19 (PCR max 48 hours / ATG max 24 hours) before entering the event. We accept also rapid ATG test done at the door (please come early to have enough time to proceed the test and bring your own test). Please note this is not the official rule in Czech Republic (most restrictions are canceled already) but we think its better to be on a safe side. Thank you for accepting this.

- Masks : from March 14th masks will only be mandatory in public transportation and health /social care buildings. So feel free to decide if you want to use a mask at our event or not.
- Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms wont be allowed to enter the event (fever, cough, etc....)

- Please make sure to check what the travel restrictions related to your country of origin/ departure / arrival are. Also make sure to check what the transportation company (you use) rules are.

- If you cant come because of Covid-19, quarantine or any other personal reason please be aware of the cancelation fees:


3/ By submitting the registration form you also agree with the below CANCELATION POLICY:

- If you have to cancel your participation due to any personal reason please let us know as soon as possible.

We will try to connect you with someone on the waiting list so you can sell your registration to someone who is still willing to come. But we cant promise we will find someone. Especially not the very last minute.

You can also search for such person by your own on the Fb groups and pages we have. 

- If there is noone taking over your registration cancelation fees will apply:

a) for cancelations BEFORE April 1st - 25% of your total fee

b) for cancelations FROM April 2nd - 50% of your total fee



4/ By submitting this registration form you also agree with the below GDPR:

- You give us your personal data and we will store them and take care about them the best way we can. No share with third party! We will use it for our events purposes only. It means we will only send you emails related to the event you registered for. And we will send you also info emails about our future events - you can unsubscribe anytime from those by clicking the unsubscribe link in the bottom of those emails.

PSSF 2022 / Terms & Conditions