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Prague Spring Swing Festival


Prague is swinging with

We will enjoy the big band Mr. Havelka & his Melody Makers again in the beautiful big hall of Lucerna palace (finished in 1920). Many people think this is the venue Swing kids movie were shot in. Do you know if it is true or not?

Besides Lucerna we will have another 3 parties at Autoklub (Fri, Sat after, Sun) which is the "home" for our events for many years. Beautiful and intimate feeling of the building from 1930' makes the atmosphere always unique. More....


4 parties with 4 bands 

including the big dance night in Lucerna with
O. Havelka & his Melody Makers

8 hours of classes
+2 hours of taster classes

+ 3 additional hours of extension workshop on Friday (afternoon)

FULL pass = All parties + 8 hours of Lindy Hop classes with international instructors. All classes are taught in english.

We will start Fri and Sun parties with taster classes! These are included in your FULL / PARTY pass at no additional costs.

Together with your FULL / PARTY pass you can order 3 more hours of classes as extension workshop ("Unlock Your Dance Potential" with Juan) on Friday (starting at 15:00). Additional fee will apply.

Enjoy several shows performed by our teachers and other dancers too.

And of course everyone is welcomed to join some of the competitions! Some formats will be well known (Lindy Hop Jack&Jill) but some may surprise you!


Shows & Competitions

PSSF 2024 teachers:

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