Prague Spring Swing Festival   8.-10.4.2022

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3 parties at Autoklub with:



Our great friends from Prague are not just musicians but also dancers so they know what we need to enjoy the party. 


O. Havelka & his MM

What happens when there is no Lucerna but there is PSSF?
Mr. Havelka & his Melody Makers in Autoklub!
Just for us!

Heart of Dixie.jpg

Heart of Dixie

Our favourite band from Brno. Because they know how to throw a party!
The best moments are happening on Sundays. Unplaned and unexpected!



Meet your PSSF 2022 teachers:

After those long two years we are super happy to have these guys back in Prague. 
Not just great dancers and teachers but also dear friends and true inspirations to all of us:

Juan Villafane (Solo Jazz)
Katja Završnik & Peter Loggins (Lindy Hop, St. Louis Shag)
Moe Sakan & Vincenzo Fesi (Lindy Hop)
Weronika & Michal Kwiatkowski (Lindy Hop)

Nora Ágoston & Jure Rus (taster Sat)
Sonia Kutishcheva & Yavor Kunchev (taster Fri)
Zdeněk Pilecký (taster Sun)


6 hours of Lindy Hop(Sat & Sun)


LINDY HOP .... the dance we all adore.

Its been a while since our last dance festival. Its been a while since our last dance maybe. No worries we all had this break and so this festival might be a "get back on a track" for many of us.
To get back into shape we will have the best help - worldwide known instructors, dancers, amazing human beings.

For some people its worth to wait for <3 

SOLO JAZZ track with Juan Villafane:

In this special track, solely dedicated to Solo Jazz, Juan shares his own approach to learning how to dance. Throughout the workshop, the classes will focus on three different aspects: 

- Body Coordination/Movement Control: the ability to execute smooth, accurate, controlled motor responses to perform an specific intended movement.

- Musicianship: knowledge, skill, and artistic sensitivity in performing (movement to) music (jazz/swing).

- Jazz Culture/Tradition: The ideas, customs, aesthetic choices and movement traditions that are intrinsic to Jazz, specifically during what is known as the “Swing Era”.
These deeply interrelated aspects, will help us narrow down different topics that need to be understood, reflected and worked on, in order to achieve a more meaningful and well rounded experience of the dance itself.

6 hours of Solo Jazz
with Juan (Sat & Sun)


Extension workshop
St. Louis Shag 
with Katja & Peter

Extension workshop / St. Louis Shag

Besides the main Lindy Hop classes Katja and Peter will also teacher another 3 hours of St. Louis Shag as Extension workshop on Friday in the afternoon (from 15:00). Schedule your arrival early enough to join!

You dont need any knowledge of SLS as they will start with the basics and will smoothly continue to cool moves!
We love their style and we love their SLS!

Classes & Parties

6 hours of main classes (Lindy Hop or Solo) + 3 nights in spectacular venue of Autoklub with great bands

200eur / 5.000czk

Parties only

3 nights of dance and live music in spectacular venue of Autoklub. Shows, competitions and more

90eur / 2.200czk

Extension classes

Extra 3 hours of classes on Fri (15:00-18:10). Join Peter & Katja for their St. Louis Shag Extension workshop

80eur / 2.000czk

Sunday party

We will only sell single entry tickets to the Sunday party. Tickets will be available at the door. Payments in cash only.

25eur/ 600czk

Please remember all participants need to provide the confirmation of negative test for Covid-19 (PCR max 48 hours / ATG max 24 hours) before entering the event.
Check-in is always 30 minutes before your first class or before you enter your first party of the weekend.