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Lindy Hop JACK & JILL / OPEN
Prelims / FRIDAY (after 22:00) @ Autoklub
Finals / SATURDAY (after 20:00) @ Lucerna hall

This format of competition can also be found under names "Mix&Match", "Luck of the draw", "Draw" or other.

No matter what the name is, this format means that leaders and followers sign up separately (not as couple) and they social dance (no choreography) with random partners.

In PRELIMS leaders and followers will line up according to their numbers (they get the numbers at check-in) and rotate random number of partners.

There are 3 rounds / songs in prelims (slow, middle, fast tempo). Partners are changing after each song. Leaders and followers are judged separately.
There might be 2-3 heats of prelims if there are too many dancers for just one heat.

There are 6  leaders and 6 followers chosen from prelims to finals. 
In FINALS partners will rotate only once and they remain with that partner until the end of finals and are judged as couple.

In this competition you may dance with someone you never danced with before. And here comes the magic of lead and follow. Show your ability to dance with anyone, your creativity and musicality. We cant wait to see you nail it on the dance floor!
Leaders and followers are not limited to be male or female in this or that role. 

Do your best to make sure you and your partner shine. That is what we want to see <3

* REGISTRATION - come to check-in desk on Friday before 21:45 to sign up and pick up your number!
* FINALISTS - on Saturday come to Lucerna venue on time for the finalists MEETING (20:00)!

BATTLE "All swing goes"
SUNDAY (after 22:00)

Sunday is always the fun day. If you can, stay till Monday because the last night is always full of unplanned and unexpected! 
Same as the last competition of the weekend.

Be around at 22:00, have your partner by your side! No registration in advance needed! Just jump in when its about to start and have fun!

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